How to Tile Bathroom Walls

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  • 6-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Tile cutter
Power drill
Grout sealer
Tile adhesive
Tape measure
Carpenters pencil
Galvanized screws

You can install tile on bathroom walls to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Whenever you perform a tiling project, it will last for several years, if you install the tiles properly. If you do not prepare appropriately beforehand and you handle the tiles incorrectly, the bathroom may have an uneven appearance and some tiles will become dislodged and fall from the wall. Here is the proper way to tile your bathroom walls.

Step 1 - Preparing the Wall

Prepare the surface of your bathroom wall for tile installation. If you notice any holes or imperfect areas, patch them. Locate the wall studs. Measure the area and use these measurements to cut the backboard. Make holes in the backboard with the drill so that you will know where the wall studs are.

Step 2 - Applying the Adhesive

Cover the area with adhesive. Apply it with a paintbrush or trowel. Fix the backboard against the wall with galvanized screws. Allow the tile adhesive to dry before you continue. Use a piece of cardboard or wood as a layout tool. Mark the top and the bottom of the tiles on your thin wooden piece so that the end looks like a ruler. The cardboard or wood will help you see how much space each tile should occupy once it is fixed onto the bathroom wall.

Step 3 - Marking the Backboard

Locate the middle of the backboard and use the layout tool to mark the position of each tile. When you finish marking each tile position, you will have a design that looks like a checkerboard. It will show exactly where you need to place the tiles on the bathroom wall.

Use a trowel or paintbrush to cover the backboard with tile adhesive. Apply the tile adhesive upwards and twist the tiles when you press them onto the board. Install the tiles by following the markings on the backboard.

Ensure that the tiles are fixed firmly in place by tapping them with a small wooden block. If the tiles do not fit, use a tile cutter to cut them to size. Leave the adhesive to dry thoroughly.

Step 4 - Applying the Grout

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare the grout. Apply it over the tiles and wait 5 minutes. Then remove the grout from the surface of the tiles with a wet cloth. Work gently to remove grout from the gaps between the tiles. Let the grout dry completely, then finish with a grout sealer.