How to Tint Window Glazing Putty

  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50

On any window glazing project you will prefer to use putty that is matched to wood around your windows. Here are two often used putty tinting options:

Option 1 – Make Tinted Putty from Scratch

Mix oil based stain standard whiting. This is an ancient method known as “Swedish Putty”. Just place some whiting into a mixing pan, then mix in the colored stain of choice. Be sure to seal the wood prior to applying the putty and use an oil based varnish afterward. Note: This type of putty has short life and will need to be used as soon as you can after mixing.

Option 2 - Tint Standard White Putty

Tint standard white putty with universal colors that match; this process is a bit messy but will get job done. For this method you will need to dry up the putty as you go. First, add your color into the white putty and work it with your hands to mix it, keep adding colorant and drying with whiting until you arrive at your color match. Rubber gloves can be worn during the mixing process. As with all putty projects, you will need to seal the wood prior to and puttying and use an oil based varnish afterward.