How to Train Climbing Roses to Split

What You'll Need
Gloves for gardening
Planting soil
Sterile cutter
Masking tape
Utility knife

Climbing roses are a special kind of rose plants that, like clinging vines, will climb up the sides of a home, arbor or trellis. All roses have the ability to split and produce more heads but this is random and up to the rose plant. You can train the roses where you want them to climb but you can also train them to split to flower more heads. The following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Cautionary Tips

Trying to cause roses to split when they are already bloomed can cause the roses to die so if this is your chosen method, be well aware of this possible outcome. The only good time to cause roses to split is when the roses are just starting to come up. This can be done each season after the current batch of roses has died and you have trimmed them back. If you do not want to wait then it is still possible to train the roses to split once they are still young. Regardless of which method you choose you will always need to use very special care to avoid damaging the roses.

Step 2 – Removing the Bulbs

Use the spade and begin excavating the soil around the roses. Continue to do so until you expose the root ball or clump of bulbs. Carefully remove the dirt from the top, sides and bottom of the bulbs. Place the space about two inches from the bulbs and push down on the spade at an angle. The leverage will cause the bulbs to lift easily out of the ground. Slide the bulbs off the spade to the ground. Be very gentle with them. Gently squeeze each bulb and look for the ones that are firm and discard any that are soft.

Step 3 – Splitting the Bulbs

The bulbs are in a cluster which needs to be separated. Plants are a lot like humans in the sense that their cells divide and this division causes multiple bulbs to form. What normally happens is that the bulb clump will produce one plant. Catching the bulbs at the time will make it easy for you to split them. If you have soft and steady hands you can pull the bulbs apart, otherwise you will need to use the sterile cutter. This is a very delicate process and you need to be careful to not damage the bulb or the roots. When you are finished you simply have to replant the bulbs.

Step 4 – Splitting the Blooms

If the roses are already blooming and climbing, you can split them but not without a possibility of damaging them. Decide where you want the rose to split. Hold the stem and gently slice it in half vertically with the utility knife. Do not cut it too far as a very small slice will go a long way. Use the masking tape to secure the split limb to the wall or trellis.