How to Transplant a Golden Raintree

Golden Raintrees.

The Golden Raintree is an exotic flowering tree that can grow to a height of 30 feet. This tree grows well in a temperate climate. Getting the seed to germinate, however, can be difficult. Transplanting the tree, instead of obtaining it from a seed, could be a better option.

Growing a Golden Raintree

The Golden Raintree is rather sensitive, and that makes it difficult to plant a tree that has not been toughened. It is usually better to try and buy a Golden Raintree from a garden center than attempt to grow a tree from seed.

Transplanting the Golden Raintree

The tree is best transplanted in the late fall to early spring – about October to March is the ideal period, with early spring the best time of all to plant these trees. The tree likes full sun with moist soil, but can adapt to various soil conditions, including mild drought.

Soil Care

Care should be taken to make the soil as amenable as possible to the new arrival; unlike the Forest Pansy, the Golden Raintree should be acclimatized to the area by leaving it outside in the burlap for a day or so before planting. Dig a hole large enough to take the root ball plus about a foot extra on each side, and water the soil thoroughly. Place the Golden Raintree on the ground, and trim away wires and plastic, then place in the hole. Water again before filling in the soil and mulching thoroughly.