How to Transplant a Sycamore Tree

What You'll Need
Wheelbarrow or Bobcat

The sycamore tree is one of the more stately looking trees that you can have within your landscaping. Mostly known for its height, mostly being over 100 feet tall, they are also known for the great side leaves and shade they can give. Once seen lining long drives up to plantation homes, sycamore trees are one of the more beautiful of the deciduous trees. Transplanting a sycamore tree is something that you can do, but you will need to be very careful in the process.

Step One - Clear Area For Transplanting

Before you actually begin to dig up your sycamore tree you should make sure that the area where you will be transplanting it is without obstructions. Since sycamore trees can grow very large, anything that is in the way will interfere with that growth. Clear the area before you do any transplanting.

Step Two - Wait Until Spring

When transplanting your sycamore tree you should wait until the spring time before the bulbs begin to come out.

Step Three - Measure Tree Trunk

In transplanting trees you will need to measure the tree trunk in order to know how large the root ball will be. In a sycamore tree, there is a specific formula to use. For the width of your root ball you would use 9 1/2 inches of diameter for every 1 inch diameter of tree. If you tree trunk is three inches in diameter you will need a width of 30 inches in diameter.

For the depth of the root ball you will have 6 inches of diameter for every 1 inch of tree diameter. This is an important step. If you take too much of the roots off of the sycamore tree, the tree will be injured enough that it might not recover.

Step Four - Dig Out Tree

Once you have the measurements for your root ball, you can use a spade shovel and mark out the dimensions around the tree. Then you can begin to dig up the sycamore. The older the tree the more soil you will need to take with it. Try not to shake out too much soil in the process.

Step Five - Transport Tree to New Position

Once the tree is brought up from the hole, set it on some wet burlap. Wrap the root ball so it does not dry out and place it in a wheelbarrow or in the bucket of a Bobcat. Transport the tree to the new position immediately.

Step Six - Dig New Hole

Dig your new hole twice the size of the root ball and as deep as the root ball. Place some top soil on the bottom of the hole.

Step Seven - Plant Tree

Unwrap the burlap from the tree and slide the sycamore into the hole. Fill with more soil and place 3 inches of mulch around the tree. Water well and keep the ground moist.

Step Eight - Stabilize Tree

Once the tree is planted, place some stakes in the ground and tie some string to the stakes and the tree to keep it from falling over until the roots can establish themselves.