How to Transplant Growing Strawberries into a Larger Container

What You'll Need
Larger container
Top-quality soil
Small spade or spoon
Gardening gloves

At some point, you may find that you need help on how to transplant growing strawberries into a larger container. Strawberry plants may need to be transplanted when they are not doing well in their current environment, or if they have grown to be too many in number for the pot that they are in.

Step 1 - When to Transplant

Transplanting strawberry plants should be done in early spring or late fall so that they will have time to acclimatize to their new location and will produce strawberries later in the summer.

Step 2 - Removing Plant

Fill the new container with top quality soil, and make a hole in the soil large enough to accommodate the strawberry plant. Make a cut with a small spade or a spoon in the soil all around the strawberry plant that you will be transplanting. Make the cuts deep enough to collect all the roots for the plant. Gently pull the plant up, including the roots. Make sure that you leave some of the soil on the plant.

Step 3 - Transplanting

Put the strawberry plant into the hole that you dug in the new container making sure it is deep enough to cover the fanned out roots, but not too deep. Place loose dirt all around the transplanted plant.

Step 4 - Watering

Thoroughly water the soil all around the strawberry plant taking care not to wet the leaves. Your strawberry plant is now ready to grow again, and start producing an abundance of strawberries.