How to Transplant Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass, such as monkey grass and miscanthus, grows big, fat and wide in giant bushels. Some of these decorative grasses may have small bundles and some may have huge ones, but transplanting them works the same. The best time to transplant is early spring; the dates will change, based on your local climate.


A common mistake is forgetting to prepare your planting places. Before you work on dividing and transplanting your ornamental grass, make sure to prepare.

Accessing the Root Ball

Cut it down so you can access the root ball. Digging the entire grass up won’t help you a whole lot. You’re better off transplanting it piece by piece. So prune it all the way down.

Dividing the Root Ball

Next, use a sharp blade like an ax or a spade to divide the root ball into however many pieces you wish to cultivate—each piece will be a new grass later.


Then plant your grass in its new home. That’s all there is to it.

Dealing with Difficulties

If you’re having trouble penetrating the root ball from the top, you can also opt to dig up the grass from below at one side and pull pieces off that way.