How to Treat a Carpenter Ant Infestation

What You'll Need
Ant bait
Ant pesticide

Carpenter ant infestation is as destructive as termite infestation. Although there is a big difference between the two insect species, they pose the same threat to the wooden structures used in the building of your home. Usually, a carpenter ant colony does not make its nest in homes, but the ants may migrate to the wooden structures in your home if their necessities are well provided inside the house. Therefore, it is recommended that homeowners living near carpenter ant-infested areas keep sweets and other foods away from the reach of ants. Here are some ways and methods to treat the infestation.

Step 1 – Find Location

Determine the location of the main nest and satellite colonies. Locating the main nest requires patience, but it is worth the time. If you spot big black carpenter ants inside your home, it does not mean their main colony is found there. Usually, the queen is located just nearby. Since these ants can go far and wide in search of food, finding their nest will require some determination.

The best time to search for the nest is at night when the ants are actively searching for food. Before the night comes, set up some type of bait (like honey) in an area that the ants have previously visited. At night, allow the ants to find the food and follow them where they go. Turn on the flashlight so that you don’t lose track of them. If they lead you to a rotting piece of wood or tree, use a stethoscope to accurately locate the nest. A crunching sound is an indication of a large colony found inside the wood.

 Step 2 – Drill Holes and Spray Pesticide

Drill holes in the nest and satellites if the colony is too small. Do not make a very large hole so that the pesticide does not escape easily. Spray the hole with enough pesticide to exterminate the ants. The main goal is to kill the queen.

Step 3 – Clean the Home

Make sure you clean your home and don’t let food to be reached by ants. Cut any tree branch that is in contact with your home in order to limit access. Distribute anti-ant powder around the perimeter of your home to avoid any further ant infestation. Clean spills as soon as possible and never stack firewood on the ground.

Step 4 – Use Ant Bait

Use ant bait which is a product that attracts insects. When the ants eat the bait, they die. This effect is due to the poison that has been added as an ingredient. The ant bait is a very efficient ant killer, but it may take some time before it produces the desired effect. To use it effectively, place a number of them in the entrances to the nest and satellite colonies. Wait for about two weeks and replace the baits with new ones if needed.