How to Treat Unfinished Hardwood Flooring for Termites

What You'll Need
5 gallon bucket
hot water
Power drill
Impeller end drill bit
Paint brush
Protective eye wear, gloves, and face mask

Termites can become a serious problem in some areas, but do not fret you can easily treat unfinished hardwood flooring so termites won't be a problem.

Step 1 - Protective Clothing

Termite treatments are powerful insecticides which can cause allergic reactions to the skin and damage to the eyes or lungs due to overexposure. Wear protective clothing and eye wear and apply the solution in a well ventilated area.

Step 2 - Mixing the Chemicals

Attach the impeller end to the drill. In the 5 gallon bucket, mix one gallon of hot water for every gallon of borate. Make sure the chemicals are thoroughly mixed. This solution will need to be kept hot for the entire time of application. Sometimes doing smaller sections can work more effectively.

Step 2 - Paint It On

Clear the floors of dust, debris or any dirt. Using the brush, paint the water/Borate solution onto the unfinished wood. Apply the solution liberally and really allow it to soak in.

Step 3 - Reapply

Allow floors to dry and absorb the borate solution for at least 2 hours. Brush on an additional coat of the solution after the floors have amply dried.