How to Treat Wood Countertops

What You'll Need
Clean cloth
Mineral oil
Spray water bottle

Knowing how to treat wood countertops is a must if you want to use this high-maintenance material in your home. A wood countertop is an essential amenity for any kitchen or workspace. In the kitchen, it provides a solid surface for cutting and chopping food or a substitute eating space. A wood countertop offers a warmer surface when compared stone. It also has more splendor, with its refined look, compared to laminate. Moreover, a wood countertop is an environmentally friendly material since most woods are renewable and taken from used resources. However, if left on its own without proper maintenance, wood countertops could destroy the ambiance instead of enhancing it. Therefore, knowing how to treat a wooden countertop is a necessity, and this simple step by step guide will equip you with all the necessary techniques.

Step 1: Prepare and Start

Make sure the table is absolutely clean. Wipe off any dirt with a clean cloth and some soapy water. Once the countertop is clean, pour some oil on the surface. Do not pour too much oil at once, and work only on a small portion of the surface of the wood countertop at a time.

Step 2: Wipe and Progress

Next, with a piece of clean cloth (it should not be a cotton or linen fabric), work the mineral oil into the surface of the countertop. Keep adding oil slowly, and work with one-square-foot patches at a time. Repeat this process until the surface no longer soaks up anymore oil. Do this for the entire table until the whole wooden countertop is covered with mineral oil. Using a clean cloth, soak up any excess oil.

Step 3: Cleaning

After the oiling process, clean the countertop with good quality detergent to avoid bleach marks. The oil is water resistant, but it is not completely waterproof. Take caution in pouring water over the countertop, as excess water can seep into the upper layer of the wood and damage the material.

Step 4: Disinfecting

A vinegar and water mixture helps combat germs and is essential for disinfection. Mix vinegar and water in a roughly 2 to 1 ratio. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. With the help of the spray bottle and a sponge, clean the wood countertop.

Step 5: Instant Solution  

If a blemish occurs on the wood countertop, use salt as a remedy. Stains can be dealt with immediately with some salt and water. Put some salt on the stain, and then splash some water on the salt. Scrub a little, and clean it off with a rag or sponge. When the stain area has dried completely, refinish the surface with a bit of turpentine oil.              

    Step 6: Maintenance

    The repetition of the above mentioned process is mandatory if you are to keep your wood countertops in top-notch condition. Considering your usage, it is ideally recommended to repeat the process once a month.