How to Trim a Garage Door to Fit an Uneven Driveway

What You'll Need
Ratchet set
Tack cloth
Wood sealer
Rubber trim
Silicone caulk

An uneven driveway can be the bane of your garage door as the door will not sit correctly but have no fear because you can trim garage door lengths so it does fit properly. If you have a metal garage door you will need to have a professional trim and install it for you. The following article will show you how you can trim garage lengths so they fit properly.

Step 1 - Marking the Cut Line

You can trim garage door lengths easy enough but trimming them accurate is not that easy. It is very important to be accurate with your line and subsequently your cut. Also remember that it is better to cut it long than short because you can always shave more from the bottom of the door. Lower the door toward the driveway but leave enough space for your level. Place the level under the garage door at one of the ends and mark off the section with chalk. Move the level to the mark you made. Make notes of the grade of the driveway. Lower the door until it touches the driveway at the lowest point. Use the measurements from the level and transfer them to the door. After the line has been drawn use the level along the line you drew to double check the grade.

Step 2 - Remove the Door

In order to trim garage door lengths you need to remove it because trimming it from the vertical position will prove to be too difficult and potentially dangerous. Enter the garage and find the brackets holding the bottom section of the garage on to the rest of the garage assembly. Remove the bolts from the brackets and the door will fall loosely.

Step 3 - Trim Garage Door

Place the section on a flat surface and remove the bottom trim of the door. Starting at the far end of the grade begin sawing the garage door until you get to where the door is even. Go slowly so you do not damage the wood. Once you are done removing the piece of wood sand the rough edge slightly then wipe it down with a tack cloth.

Step 4 - Replace the Garage Door

Take the piece of garage door back to the garage and attach it where it was. Tighten the bolts and then lower the garage door all the way and test the clearance. If it is a little off that will be fine. Raise the door so you can work comfortably under the door. Apply the wood sealer to the garage door where you made the cuts and allow it to dry. Place a line of silicone caulk along the inside of the rubber trim and then push the rubber trim on to the bottom of the garage door. Make sure it is properly lined up, even with the ends and tight to the bottom of the garage door. With the trim in place you can seal the edges with silicone.