How to Trim and Install a Window Stool How to Trim and Install a Window Stool

What You'll Need
Small Saber saw
Long Nails
Wood Putty
Window Trim and Stool Kit

You must install a window stool or sill to complete the look of your window. Follow the simple steps below to complete this project.

Step 1:  Choosing the Trim Pattern and Measuring

There is wide range of trims that will match up to any window design. They may be heavily decorated or basic plain wood. Choose the style that will best match your decor. Be sure to give the right measurements of the window at the store so that the kit pieces are perfect for the window. For a contemporary look, neat shapes are better, while for a classic look, you could opt for ornate trims. Place the trim against the wall to see if it accentuates your window.

Step 2: Installing the Trim

Use a power saw to make 45-degree cuts at the top and side parts of the trim. Wear safety goggles, and be very careful while handling tools. Drill holes at the points where they have to be tacked to the window. Apply adhesive neatly at the joining areas, and drive in the nails with a hammer. Make sure that it fits firmly and symmetrically.

Step 3: Installing the Stool

Now deal with the sill or stool of the window. Use the smaller saw to remove the portion of the stool that goes farther than the frame and trims of the window. Like you did in the step above, make holes with a drill in the proper places of the stool and attach it to the frame using nails.

Step 4: Installing the Apron

To support the window stool, it is advisable to install an apron. This is an easy process as the apron comes ready in the kit; all you need to do is drill holes and nail it up to the sides of the stool. This gives extra support and enhances the beauty of the trim and stool. Check for holes in the drilled areas, and use putty to fill up after sanding the surface.

Finally, paint the entire window stool in the color of your choice. Make sure that you check the windows every year to see if the trim and stool need replacement. If so, then simply detach them from the walls or frames and attach the new pieces as you did, by following the steps above.

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