How to Trim Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

When your lucky bamboo gets too big for its setting, trim the plant to promote continued health and longevity. When given as a gift, lucky bamboo is thought to bring good fortune. These durable plants are a perfect addition that add to the feng shui of your room and can survive for years in water or soil in the right conditions.

Trimming a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Over time, your lucky bamboo may become a bit top heavy. Thin it out to maintain the plant's health. Use a pair of sterile clippers to cut any offshoots that have emerged back to 1 to 2 inches from the central stalk. When new shoots come back after trimming, they will be even bushier than before. If you wish to discourage this growth, you can always opt to cover the cut ends in wax.

Pruning to Shape

If you want to change the shape more severely, you can prune the offshoots down to the stalk. You can even use the trimmings to create a new lucky bamboo plant. Simply place the trimmings in water and they will continue to grow and form a new root system.