How to Trim Your Peach Tree in Spring How to Trim Your Peach Tree in Spring

Knowing to trim your peach tree in the spring is important because trimming the tree in any other season may cause it to not grow properly. Pruning and trimming your tree is important in order to encourage tree growth and the flowering necessary to produce peaches. 

You should only trim your peach tree in the early spring. If you trim the peach tree in the fall or winter, you run the risk of exposing the newly trimmed branches and limbs to cold, which will slowly kill the peach tree. This risk can obviously be avoided by simply remembering to wait until the beginning of Spring before you trim the peach tree. The way to remember this is to look at the beginning buds on the branches as a sign that the tree is ready for trimming.

Preparing to Trim Your Peach Tree

When you trim your tree, you should have a good pair of pruning shears that are sharp. Dull shears can cause damage and discourage further tree growth. Before you begin the process of trimming the tree, remove all dead limbs and leaves. This will make trimming the tree easier and help you create new growth in the areas where dead growth was removed.

Trimming Your Peach Tree

To trim the tree, perform what is known as a collar cut. A collar cut is one that is done at the place where the branch is attached and leaves a raised tissue “collar.” This helps promote healing, particularly of the dead branch that you removed and promote the new growth to take place. This will also prevent disease from invading the area and retarding or preventing any growth from occurring.

Making Cuts

The branch trimmings should be no more than 1/3 the size of the original branch. The branches that are dead and not strong should be removed immediately to increase the survival chances of the peach tree as well as increase the fruit yields. The cuts should also be made in a way to open the tree up in a vase-like shape in order to ensure the maximum amount of sunlight exposure of the flowers and leaves.

Leave Strong Branches

As you trim the peach tree, leave in place a minimum number of branches. This will promote growth by allowing the tree's watering system in its roots to continue to work properly. Leaving strong branches in place will also help regenerate fruit growth that is important to the peach tree. 

Sun Exposure

When trimming the peach tree, make your collar cuts in a way that exposes the pruned branches to the maximum amount of sunlight. The sun encourages growth of the peach tree and also stimulates growth of the new branches necessary to increase fruit yields. The exposure to  the sun is essential for the tree's continued good health. Your branch trimmings should take this into account and you should find out what direction gives you the best sunlight exposure. 

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