How to Troubleshoot Boiler Zone Control

What You'll Need

Boiler zone control is used to direct hot water around certain parts of your home. This is a very common type of system found on larger houses. The valves that shut off the different zones are controlled by electric motors which are all controlled by your boiler's control panel. If one of these zone valves stops working properly, it can have very damaging effects on your central heating.

Step 1 - Locating the Zone Valves

Enter the room where your boiler is and look for the zone valves. These should be quite easy to find because they will be fitted close to the boiler and connected to a series of wires. Depending on the type of heating system you have in your home you will have a few or lots of these different valves.

Step 2 - Finding the Right Valve

Look at the boiler zone valve which is causing you trouble. You will need to find out which valves aren't working properly, to do this go around your house and turn all of the thermostats all around your house up to the maximum. This will mean that every zone in your house should be requesting hot water.

This should call all of the zone valves to be open so that hot water can be directed all around your house to everywhere that needs it. However the faulty valve will not open correctly.

Step 3 - Identifying the Faulty Valve

Once you have turned the thermostats up to maximum you will then need to go and take a look at your zone valves. The different zone valves will be controlled differently. There should be an indicator somewhere on the valves showing whether it is open or closed. This is normally a switch which moves on top or under the valve.

As you have turned the heat up all of the valves should be open. If any of the valves are shut then these are the ones which aren't working properly.

Step 4 - Stuck Open

You can also do the same test in reverse by reducing the thermostats to the minimum and checking that all of the valves close as they should do. If any valves are stuck open or closed then they will need to be replaced. Alternatively there is a manual override control which may be able to manually divert the water.

Step 5 - Replacing Valves

If you have found that one of the valves in your boiler zone control system is faulty then you will need to order a replacement and get this fitted as quickly as possible. installing replacement valves isn't particularly easy, you will need to hire a professional to do this for you if you're not sure you will be able to complete the project yourself.