How to Turn a Dull Magazine Rack into a Sleek Piece of Home Accessory

What You'll Need
Wood (board)
Carpenters square
Colorful paints
Character stickers

Nothing can beat a wooden magazine rack, which is both stylish and functional to hold and organize your magazines, newspapers and catalogs. Making a chic magazine rack is such a wonderful woodworking project for beginners that you can finish in just a couple of days, and it’s your choice to make some accents and turn it into a sleek home accessory. Hence, wherever you put the rack, on a corner or attached to the wall, it is an excellent addition to your house’s decorations and can aid get rid of excess clutters around.

Step 1 – Prepare the Materials Needed

It is very important to prepare first all the materials on top of a table, before the actual making of the rack to avoid destruction of the woodworking process and finishing.

Step 2 – Build the Wooden Rack

The first thing that you need to do is to cut the 1x12 inch board into four separate 12 inch pieces, while make two 24-inch pieces coming from the four, by means of adding glue to its edges and fastening them together until it gets dry. These pieces now will form your magazine rack’s edges.

Next, on the two boards, measure 7 1/2 inches both to the left and right of the seams and cut the excess. Now, you should have two 12x15 inch panels. Mark five inches to the seam’s right and left along the panels’ base edges. Starting from these marks, you need to measure down the 12 inch sides then mark it on the 10th inch of the outer edge. Draw a line using the carpenter’s square from the base mark towards the side mark. Draw another line on each 5-inch mark or every panel to the top, then from the seam, again measure one inch and pencil-in a line from the topmost 5-inch mark towards the outer ends of the board.

Turn the rack upside down then secure the separator to the base piece through screwing at the outer edges and center. Fasten a 19 1/2x1 3/4 inch board level to the top end of every side and an additional flush to each side’s base edges. Uniformly space the boards left, between the base and top pieces then connect them with screws. Finally, sand the magazine rack as preferred.

Step 3 – Conduct a Makeover for the Magazine Rack

After building the rack, next step is to makeover a dull rack to a sleek piece of home accessory. In order to preserve the richness and beauty of the wood, apply varnish on it and let it dry. Varnishing the wood is easily done; just ensure that the surface of the wood was sand properly to avoid spots and uneven surfaces. Because of its classy design, you can place it in the living room, adult bedroom and waiting area.

On the other hand, if the magazine rack is intended for teenagers or kids, color it using bright paints that suit their taste. Character stickers, such as superheroes and princesses, are also great idea to be stick on the rack, since it brings out more life and individuality. An elegant varnish-finish will not match the youthful vibe of their space.

Finally, organize the magazines according to its date of publication, titles or even according to your favorite, then put them on the rack. It saves space, removes clutter and adds an additional accent to your space sanctuary.