How to Turn an Enclosed Carport into a Game Room

What You'll Need
Floor Covering
Games Equipment

An enclosed carport can become a wonderful part of your house. If you use the space wisely then you will be able to turn this into a functional room. The carport can be used for a variety of different purposes. One of the most common uses for a carport is as a game room.

Step 1 - Decide Your Requirements

If you've already converted your carport into an enclosed room then you won't have much left to do to convert it into a comfortable games room. If you have just created the basic shell then you will first need to insulate and finish off the inside of the structure. Fixing up insulation and then covering it in drywall is an effective way of preparing the room.

As this is a game room, there will probably be some large appliances located in your room. For this reason you will need to think about the location of power outlets. Get an electrician to put new outlets in for you if required.

Step 2 - Covering Walls

Once the room is ready for decorating you can then decide how you want to decorate it. Painting the drywall is one option, although it would also be possible to wall paper the room if you prefer. Decorate the room depending on your preferences. You need to choose a design which you will be completely happy with. Games rooms can either be decorated so that they are exciting and vibrant or very relaxing.

Step 3 - Flooring

Once you have chosen on the type of wall covering you then need to choose flooring. Any type of floor is suitable for a game room including wooden floors, carpets or laminates. If you are installing under floor heating then you will need to fit this before the flooring goes over the top. Also ensure that the flooring is cut to the right size and shape. If you're fitting carpet then it's better to have a professional install this because it's a real art.

Step 4 - Locating Equipment

When the room is finished you will then need to decide where you are going to locate all of your equipment. The common equipment that you put in your room will include TV's, games consoles, pool tables and dart boards, amongst plenty of others. Think about the types of equipment that you want to put in your room and also find a way of locating it and fitting it into the room. Hopefully if you've planned ahead then you will already have lots of electrical outlets positioned precisely where you need them.

Step 5 - Adjustments

If you're not happy with something then you could always adjust the design as you get to grips with it. You might have new pieces of equipment that you want to put into your room, or you might want to move things around to make better use of the space.