How to Unclog a Loop Vent How to Unclog a Loop Vent

What You'll Need
Water hose with nozzle
Long stick with brush
Working gloves

A loop vent is part of your home vent system that provides an exit point for trapped gasses inside your home. From time to time, dusk, debris and grime may clog the system so you need to flush out the foreign objects out to let the gasses flow freely. Below is a simple procedure for unclogging a loop vent in your home.

Step 1 – Determine the Source of the Clogging

Before you start flushing your vent, you need to first determine the source of the clogging. To do this, use the ladder to climb up to the top of the vent then shine your flashlight inside the vent. Look for dead leaves and debris trapped inside the vent and remove as many of these things as you can using tongs or a log stick with a brush at the tip.

Step 2 – Flush the Loop Vent

After removing leaves and debris near the opening of the vent, feed the garden hose inside the vent then turn the water on at full force to flush foreign objects down the drain. Keep the water on for about 5 to 10 minutes and listen to the sound of sudden swoosh of the water as it flushes down foreign materials from the vent.

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