How to Unclog a Mixing Valve

What You'll Need
Piece of Wire

The Mixing valve in your home is used to mix hot and cold water supplies together. Like all other pipe work, it is sometimes prone to clogs by old pieces of debris. You may find that the result of your mixing valve becoming clogged is that only hot, or only cold, water runs out of the tap. Fixing the problem is easy, here are a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Remove the Tap

You should first remove the faucet and the taps, which are connected to the mixing valve. Unscrew the faucet and place it to one side. You can also unscrew the taps and place them alongside the faucet. Then, locate the mixing valve, which is located besides  these two taps.

Step 2 - Clean  the Mixing Valve

You can then unclog the mixing valve. Use a cloth to clean it thoroughly, and be sure that you get off as much dirt as you possibly can. There may be a lot of grime there, so use several paper towels as well, if necessary. If you have to, use a piece of wire along the edge of the valve, to remove any blockages which are trapped inside the valve.