How to Unclog a Rain Gutter Downspout

What You'll Need
Wire hanger

A clogged rain gutter downspout will mean water overflowing and that can cause damage to your house. It’s a problem that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Step 1 - Clearing Debris

Once you’ve climbed the ladder to reach the gutter and the clogged rain gutter downspout, scoop away any mud from the top of the downspout with a trowel. Put the mud in the bucket.

Step 2 - Using Tools

Have the wire hanged opened out. Use it as a probe down into the rain gutter downspout. You might also be able to loosen the clog. Don’t be afraid to poke it around a little and move from side to side. The tongs will be useful for removing any packed leaves or debris from the top of the rain gutter downspout. Take out as much as you can and place in the bucket.

Step 3 - Hose

Have the hose turned on before you climb the ladder, but off at the nozzle. Switch the hose on at the nozzles and start too feed it into the downspout. The pressure will displace any clogs and force them out through the bottom of the downspout where you can clean them up later. Keep going until all the clogs have been removed.