How to Unclog Galvanized Pipe Drains

What You'll Need
Plumber's wrench
Adjustable wrench
Hose pipe

When you get a clog in the galvanized pipe drain of your sink, unclogging it is a simple procedure that is similar to any other type of pipe. Many times when the sink is clogged up, people will reach for harsh chemicals that can damage the pipe. Others will call a plumber for a very simple job that they can do in a few minutes. Unclogging galvanized pipe drains will only require easily obtained hand tools and a few minutes of your time.

Step 1 - Remove Trap on Drain

Underneath the sink there will be a curved section of pipe with a large bowl underneath it. This is the P-Trap of the drain and can be the cause of your clog. Many times, just removing this section, and flushing it out, will help to get the water flowing again. If the sink is full of water you will want to have a bucket positioned under the P-Trap as you remove it. Use a plumber's wrench to unscrew the nut and carefully let the water drain out. Remove the trap and run water through it to see if it is clogged. If not, then the galvanized pipe will be clogged further down the drain.

Step 2 - Install Hose Pipe

A hose pipe is a simple tool that can be inserted into the 1½ inch galvanized pipe until it meets the blockage. Once it stops traveling down the pipe you can then begin to get rid of the clog.

Step 3 - Stuff Opening With Rag

In order to help you get the pressure you need to run the water down the hose pipe you need to stuff a rag, or rags, around the opening of the drain pipe that is open. Stuff it around the pipe and then use your screwdriver to pack the rags around the hose pipe for a secure fit.

Step 4 - Attach Hose

You can run a hose through your home that is connected to an outdoor spigot, or you can connect it to the sink faucet if it has the correct threading. Once the hose is connected to a faucet, then you can attach it to the hose pipe.

Step 5 - Turn Water On

Once the hose is attached to the hose pipe, have a friend turn the water on. The water will be forced into the pipe, hitting the clog head on. With the rags stuffed into the drain pipe, the water will only be able to travel downward forcing the clog further down the pipe. Once the water pressure is great enough it should bust through the clog.

Step 6 - Remove Hose Pipe

Once the clog has been taken care of you will need to turn the water off. Move the bucket underneath the hose pipe and remove the hose. Once the water has finished draining out of the drain pipe, remove the rags and the hose pipe. Replace the P-Trap into position with the plumber's wrench. Run some water into the sink and check for any leaks. You should not see any water staying in the sink basin. If you do, then follow the same steps until the clog is removed.