How to Unclog Irrigation Pipe

What You'll Need
Length of Wire
Bicarbonate of Soda
Safety glasses

If you have a long irrigation pipe in your back yard, then it may be very annoying when it starts to become clogged. This can be a significant difficulty, which may prevent you from getting your plants properly fed and watered. In order to correct this problem, you will need to unclog the pipe using natural agents.

Step 1 - Locate the Problem

Try and find out where the problem in your irrigation pipe is. You may be able to dig up a small area, and examine that section, to establish whether the clog is higher or lower. You should then remove the end of the irrigation pipe which is nearest to the clog. Use a wrench, or something similar, to achieve this.

Step 2 - Fix the Clog

Start by pouring a little bicarbonate of soda down the irrigation pipe. This is not a harsh chemical for your plants, as drain cleaner would be, so you should be safe by applying it in your pipe. If this does not work, then take a long piece of wire, such as you might get from unwinding a coat hanger, and push this through the pipe until you get to the clog. Shake the wire to undo the clog.