How to Unclog Laundry Room Sinks

A laundry room sink.
What You'll Need
Boiling water
Dish-washing liquid
Rag or towel
Plunger (or plumber's helper)
Pipe snake or auger
Adjustable wrench
Safety gloves

It is possible to unclog laundry room sinks without the help of professional plumbers. Of course it depends largely on the severity of the clog, but different methods and various tools will help you to clear the blockage.

Step 1 - Use Dish-Washing Liquid and Boiling Water

Clear all water from the sink. First pour the dish-washing liquid into the drain, and then boiling water through it. You may be lucky and break the clog immediately.

Step 2 - Use a Plunger

Ask somebody to help you who can hold a rag or towel over the overflow hole of the sink. Fill the sink with enough water, so that the lower edge of the plunger is covered. Bring down the plunger on the sink, allowing it to create a seal. If a part of the clog gets dislodged, just pull out the rest of it by reaching into the drain.

Step 3 - Use a Pipe Snake

Put a pipe snake through the drain so that it can travel through the u-shaped pipe under the sink, as far as possible. As soon as you hit the clog, just turn the handle of the pipe snake to break it up.

Step 4 - Dismantle Drain Pipe

It is quite simple to remove the u-shaped drain pipe below the sink so that you can allow the debris to drain into a bucket below it. Remove it and clean it. If you still don’t find the clog, use a pipe snake into the pipe which is attached to the u-pipe. After unclogging, replace the pipe and tighten all the nuts.