How to Unclog Plastic Pipes without Damaging Them

A man adjusts blue plastic pipes.
What You'll Need
Liquid drain cleaning solution
Thins plumbers snake
Hose pipe

Plastic pipes and drains get clogged just like other material drains. Plastic pipes, however, can be damaged with heavy metal drain snakes. They need a little more care and attention when removing clogs or bungs from them.

Step 1 - Use Drain Cleaner

Use the liquid drain cleaner first to see if you can dislodge any clogs and clear the drain before snaking it. Much of the clog might be cleared by the liquid and help you to smoothly eliminate the rest using the snake.

Step 2 - Snake

Snake the pipe slowly and carefully. Fast, erratic movements with the snake might cause damage to the pipe, either scarring the inside or tearing through completely. Twist the auger end into the pipe and don’t use a snake that is too wide for the drain. Smaller is far better in this case.

Step 3 - Clear

Pull the snake out slowly once you have located and grabbed the clog into the auger. Drag the clog out carefully and then snake up the pipe once more to make sure you got the clog completely free of the pipe. Use the hose to swish the drain, from the bottom upward.