How to Uncoil a PEX Tube without an Uncoiler

It is really easily to uncoil a PEX tube without spending your money on purchasing an expensive uncoiler. There are a number of different ways and few of them are discussed below.

Method Number 1

You can first build a stand out of inch square tubing and scrap the metal. Alternatively, you can also get a hold of some plywood and cut it into two 4 ft. pieces or less depending on the roll you have. Next, screw a 5 gallon bucket to the center of the top wheel for a center post. This is one of the methods to uncoil a pex tube.

Method Number 2

Another common method is to utilize a plastic wrap. All you have to do is pull it out from the middle, just like you pull a string out from a ball, and then cut the plastic off the bundle.

Method Number 3

Use a 3 inch long ¾ pipe clamp on a 2x4 inch stud so it is able to span for at least one stud cavity. Cover the pipe of the pipe clamp with the help of a piece of PVC to protect the PEX as it unrolls and pulls the length that is required. Always remember, if the 500 foot coil is too heavy and not manageable, then just support the outer end with another pipe clamp.