How to Undermount a Drop-In Kitchen Sink Part 2 How to Undermount a Drop-In Kitchen Sink Part 2

What You'll Need
Mounting hardware
Mounting blocks
Drill and bore
Jig saw
2-part Epoxy glue or wood glue
Large c-clamps

Once you have the hole cut for your drop-in kitchen sink, you are going to need mounts for the underpinning brackets and possibly new holes for the faucet, if it is not an all in one unit. A drop in sink can be a fun project and in the end, allow for added features that did not exist before in the old sink if you are remodeling, such as adding a water sprayer, or even a garbage disposal. Once the sink is in place it needs to be secured on the underside to keep it from moving with brackets, which need to hook into secondary mounts. The method varies depending on if you are doing a granite counter top or a wooden one.

Step 1 - Cut out the Faucet Hole

Once you have the counter in place and have cut the hole for your drop-in kitchen sink, you will then want to make an opening in the counter for the faucet hardware. Be sure that you take exact measurements from where the edge of the mounted sink will sit to where the faucet will be locked into place, to ensure that it runs into sink when it is turned on.

Another important factor is the measurement across the length of the sink at dead center, so that the faucet arm will reach each end of the sink evenly. Once you have the hole cut, there is not much to do to turn back where the unit will be mounted. Use a drill with a bore to set 2 side holes based on the requirements of the faucet itself, you may have to use a jig saw to cut out any excess wood that may obstruct it from being installed.

Step 2 - Set up your Mounting Blocks

The underside of your drop-in kitchen sink will be held into place with mounting brackets. There are many types of these on older units, however, in this day and age they have become and industry standard. Granite counter tops should be cut and have the mounts put into place at the fabricator and not on site to avoid cracking the counter during installation.

With wooden counters, you would gauge where your mounts are going to sit and then use your glue and clamps to hold them in place until they dry. In many cases it is easier to remove the entire counter top and glue the mounts while it is upside down. In other cases you would simply glue the mounting blocks into place and then screw the hardware into those which then pin your sink into place.

Step 3 - Attach the Mounting Brackets

Once you have the mounts in place for your drop-in kitchen sink, you will then want to install the bracket hardware. This screws into the actual blocks in some cases, and in others it is simply this hardware that does all the work and the wooden mounting blocks are not needed. It all depends on the make and model of your under mount sink.

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