How to Uninstall Inside Mount Blinds

What You'll Need
Joint compound
Small putty knife
Wall paint
Paint brush

Inside mount blinds are window furnishings that are installed inside the frame of a window. They are usually used along with drapes that are installed over the window frame. Inside mount blinds keep some light out when you want some light inside the room the moment you fully open the drapes. It is also a good addition if you want privacy inside your home but still want to allow the light to come through since the blinds do not fully seal out the light from the outside.

There are a number of reason why you would want to uninstall your inside mount blinds. If you are spring cleaning, you need to remove them so that you can gain access to the window frames and really deep clean every corner. You may also want to remove them to be able to repair your blinds or simply replace it with a new one. Here is an easy way to uninstall inside mount blinds.

Step 1 – Lock the Blinds

Pull up the blinds up all the way and lock in place. This will help removal easier and will unlikely bend, dent and damage your blinds if it is uninstalled opened.

Step 2 – Bring Down the Valence

To do this, press down the bottom part of the valence in the direction of the window. This will make a small gap between the top part of valence and the top part of the clips. The motion to do is up and out at an angle to completely remove it from the clips. Do not yank it out or it will break the clips.

Step 3 – Remove the Brackets

Remove the brackets that hold the blinds down at the bottom of the window frame. If it comes with pins, remove the pins first. The hold down brackets can be removed using a screwdriver. If they are screwed on too tightly, you might have to use pliers to remove them. Do this firmly but not to the extent of damaging the wall.

Step 4 – Open the Brackets

Open the brackets that mount the blinds and then gently slid it out. Have someone assist you if your blinds are wide and heavy. Dropping your blinds can damage the blind itself and the floor.

Step 5 – Remove the Center Brackets

Remove the brackets that are located on the center and on the sides with a screwdriver. If your blinds were installed by wall anchors, remove them as well using pliers. It is best to patch the holes left by the anchors using joint compound. Sand after it dries so it will be even. If you need to paint over it do so. This will give the wall a fresh surface so that the blinds can be reinstalled after.