How to Unjam a Nail Gun Barrel

What You'll Need
Nail Gun
White rag

Nothing is more frustrating than being in the middle of a project and having the nail gun getting stuck. This is very annoying and can be time consuming if people do not know how to do unjam the gun. Yet many people do not know either how to unjam it or how to do it in way that will not break the nail gun. So here are the steps on how to unjam the nail gun.


Wear safety goggles and be careful not to allow any nails to fly. You may also wish to wear heavy-duty gloves during this process, to cut down the risk of getting injured.

Step 1: Turn Off Power Source

Get started by making sure that you turn off the gun. Make sure that no air is stuck and remove the cord or batteries. That way it cannot get turned on by mistake when you are working on it.

Place a clean white rag directly underneath the gun, that way you can see the nail easily after you eject it out of the barrel. Also remember to keep the gun facing away from you at all times, to prevent any face injuries that can occur when working on this project.

Step 2: Open Up

Open up the barrel and search for the release lever. This will allow you to release the jammed nails, but be warned that not every nail gun will have one. Most newer models do, but many older ones do not. So do not panic if you do not find one on the gun.

If you do not have a release lever, you should look in the barrel for any nails that are backwards or lying down in the barrel. So take your time to examine it, so you can select the next step to take.

Step 3: Remove Stuck Nails

If you have a nail that is stuck in gun, you can either pry it out with another nail or try to pull it out with pliers. Keep doing one of these until you are able to get it out all the way. This may take some time, but if you keep at it, you will get it done sooner than later. Again, this is only if your nail gun does not have a release lever or if they are really stuck in the opening.

Step 4: Organize and Refill

Remove nails that may not be facing the right direction and refill it with them all facing the correct direction or towards the opening.

Step 5: Close Up and Restore Power Source

Close it back up and restore the power source. Which will likely be either a power cord or batteries. Then start using it again.


Umjamming a nail gun is a straightforward process that is easy to do. It does not require a bunch of special tools or knowledge to be able to do this. Just remember to keep checking the nails every so often to catch signs of them getting stuck before they actually do. Also, remember safety first when you use it, which also includes unjamming.