How to Unwrap a Charcoal Pencil String

What You'll Need
Strong Finger
Pair of Tweezers

Charcoal pencils are very good art and craft tools since they do not need sharpening, which makes them a better medium to use out in the field where you may not have sharpeners and other modern tools. Read the following article to learn how to unwrap a charcoal pencil string.

      Step 1: Identify the Broken Wrapping

      Hold the charcoal pencil out in front to reveal the wrapping and to be able to identify the point at which the last wrapping got broken. It is from this point that you will start unwrapping he pencil. 

      Step 2: Pulling Out the Last Wrapping’s Tip

      Once you have the last point of the wrapping, scrap off the foremost tip and hold it firmly using your fingernails. If your fingers are not strong enough to pull it out, use a pair of tweezers to pick it out. 

      Step 3: Unwrapping the Charcoal Pencil

      Once you have picked out the last tip of the wrapping, pull it gently to reveal the desirable length of pencil tip and then terminate the wrapping.