How to Upgrade a Dryer Vent

What You'll Need
Dryer vent brush
Adjustable periscope box vent
Two band clamps
Two elbows
Aluminum flex vent
Vacuum cleaner

A dryer vent is an important component of the clothes dryer machine. One has a choice of using various materials as ducts. Use either white plastic, aluminum foil or a rigid metal pipe vent. Some ducts do not provide efficient service. These include the type that has small bump like structures in the ducts, which slow down the rate of airflow. A slowed down process has cost implications for you since you will have higher energy costs to pay. The alternative is to replace such a dryer vent with a rigid pipe, which will not inhibit airflow and thus increase the efficiency of the clothes dryer.

Step 1 – Safety First

Disconnect the dryer from the main power source. Also, remove the breaker as a precaution. This is for your safety. Pull the dryer away from the wall. Separate the vent from the exhaust outlet by loosening the clamp that holds them together. You will need a screwdriver to do this. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean off any lint in the exhaust outlet. On the opposite side of the vent, separate the vent from the outside duct. Use the vacuum cleaner again to clean off any lint that may have accumulated there.

Step 2 – Attach Perimeter Box

Attach a metal band clamp to the periscope box vent. Push the periscope box vent into the exhaust outlet and tighten the clamp using the screwdriver. Counter check to make sure it is tight enough before proceeding.

Step 3- Push Dryer to Wall

Take the upper end of the periscope and lift high above the dryer. At this point, insert the power plug into the socket. However, do not switch on the electric power just yet. Then push back the dryer to its former position against the wall

Step 4- Attach Flex to Box

Take the lower flex and join it to the periscope box. Use a band clamp to secure the elbow firmly. The elbow should have an angle of 90 degrees. Then join the upper part of the periscope box to the overhead duct.

Step 5- Tighten Clamp

Take a band clamp and slip it over the duct. Attach the elbow to the duct. Make sure it fits snugly. To secure it, use the screwdriver to tighten the band clamp over the duct thereby tightening the hold further.

Step 6 – Final Phase

Finally join both vents by pulling the upper one down and lifting the lower one up so that they meet midair. The vents are fitted with a quick lock system, which snaps them together. The vents are now securely in place. Clean up your working area and collect your tools.

It is now time to test the dryer to see if it will perform as per your expectations. Return the circuit breaker removed earlier. Turn on the electric power at the main power supply and confirm that the dryer is functioning well as expected. You may also move out of the house to see how the outside vent is working