How to Upgrade Your Go Kart Torque Converter

What You'll Need
Nuts and bolts
Transmission fluid
Torque converter housing
Go-karts work by using a go kart torque converter which is vital for the vehicle’s automatic transmission. But what does it exactly do? A go kart torque converter is actually a type of fluid coupling that allows the engine to rotate independently from the transmission. In order to upgrade your go kart torque converter, understanding how the engine works is necessary.

Typically, the engine of a go kart will run slowly if the driver is trying to steer away from the ditch. At this rate, the whole torque that traverses the torque converter is minimal. So, this will call for a considerable amount of exertion on the brake pedal to keep the go-kart in motion. Pressing the go kart’s gas pedal while it is immobile will require a harder press on the brakes so the wheels will stop. You should understand once the gas is stepped on, the engine naturally accelerates faster as more fluids are pumped into the torque converter. As an outcome, more torque is transmitted to the wheels.

The above mentioned details are the fundamentals of a torque converter. When you are well-aware of them, how it works for instance, you can upgrade your go kart torque converter. In fact, you can make use of conventional machinery like unused washing machine equipment. Using materials from these items can help you improve your go-kart and speed up your driving.

To begin with, you will need to prepare the following materials.

Step 1

The torque converter housing should be bolted first into the engine of the go kart. Once it is bolted, the engine will speed up.

Step 2

Using another set of bolts, fasten the fins firmly to the go kart’s housing. The torque converter’s pump is practically made up of fins. This is required in order to equalize the speed of the torque converter to the engine. It is a kind of centrifugal pump. Just like the spinning cycle of a typical washing machine, the fluid moves around to the outside. And while the fluid is thrown around to the outside, a vacuum is formed that draws additional amount of fluid in at the center.

Step 3

Attach the turbine next to the go kart’s transmission. As the turbine’s blade spins once the fluid enters, your go kart torque converter moves as a result.

Step 4

Use another set of bolts to join the stator to the middle-most part of the torque converter. In doing so, the fluid coming from the turbine will be redirected so it will avoid hitting the pump all over again. In this way, the torque converter will work magnificently. The very aggressive blade design of the stator is a great feature of a torque converter. The course of the fluid will be roughly redirected backward through this blade design. A one-way clutch that connects the stator to a shaft that is attached to the transmission is inside the stator.