How To Upholster

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Knowing how to upholster is a great skill. Before doing it you should remove any screws or nails that might block the base of whatever you are upholstering. These will get in the way of your upholstering fabrics.

Measure to upholster

Then measure the fabric you will be using to cover your new furniture. There is an old carpenter’s adage that goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s sound advice. You don’t want to have to stretch your material just to cover one side.


Have the proper materials ready. Cutters, needle-nose pliers, hammer, and stapler.

Staple to upholster

Attach the new material to the side of the furniture you will be using. This side will be visible and used, so it should be the one that has the fabric. The filling goes first, then the new cover. Smooth and staple within two inches of each corner on the underside of the furniture. Cut away edges. Voila.