How to Upholster Bench Cushions

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Fabric pencil
Seam ripper
Fabric pins
Steam iron

It is inevitable that bench cushions will need to be replaced. Bench cushions will become torn, stained or you may just want a new look for your bench cushions. Sitting on a bench that does not have cushions can cause poor circulation are not at all comfortable. Purchasing new bench cushions can cost a lot of money but you can save that cash by reupholstering them. The following article will show you how to upholster bench cushions yourself.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Fabric

In order to properly upholster bench cushions you need to first remove the old fabric. There are 2 ways that upholstery can be placed on a cushion: sewn or stapled. Remove the bench cushions from the bench and flip it over. The staples will be easy enough to see. If the bench cushions are sewn you can locate the seams near the front or the back of the cushions. Use the seam ripper to carefully cut through the seams. Once the seams are ripped or the staples are removed you can remove the fabric from the padding that is the cushions.

Step 2 - Make the Pattern

Making a pattern for your bench cushions is very easy because you have fabric you just removed. Open the fabric up that you removed. Take any lingering stitching or staples. Place the fabric on top of the brown paper and secure with fabric pins. Use the fabric pencil to trace around the old upholstery. Remove the pins and set the brown fabric to the side and discard the old upholstery. Trim the paper to create the pattern.

Step 3 - Cut the Fabric

Place the pattern you made in Step 2 on top of the fabric you plan to use as the upholstery for the bench cushions. Work with the fabric so that the brighter side is facing down. Once the pattern is placed on top of the fabric you can secure it in place with fabric pins. Trace the pattern using the fabric pencil. Remove the fabric pins and trim the upholstery fabric along the lines you drew.

Step 4 - Attach the Fabric to the Bench Cushions

Keep the fabric on your work surface with the face of the fabric facing downward. Place the bench cushion on top of the fabric making sure that it's centered with an equal amount of fabric on all sides. Pull up a short side of the fabric and staple it in place. Pull up one of the long sides and staple in place. Repeat with the last short side and then the last long side. If you do not want to staple the fabric to the padding you can use a needle and thread to sew the flaps to each other.

Step 5 - Finishing

Now that the fabric is attached you can finish the bench cushion by using the steam iron to smooth out the creases and the wrinkles. Repeat all of the Steps for each cushion you need to upholster.