How to Use a Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

What You'll Need
Batch Feed Garbage Disposal
Clean Sink

The batch feed garbage disposal unit is a type of disposal that does not require a switch to operate. The typical inline garbage disposal is activated with the use of a switch near the kitchen sink. Once the switch, which is a typical light switch, is activated the disposal begins to run. This can be a dangerous situation as people can mistake the disposal switch for a light switch.

A batch feed garbage disposal work by inserting a key into the drain to activate the unit. It is easy to install and does a great job of chewing up pieces of food for disposing in your sewage line. Using the batch feed disposal is very straightforward and easy to do.

Step 1: Make Sure Disposal Unit It Connected to Power Supply

The batch feed garbage disposal unit gets its power through a plug under the sink. Make sure that the plug is seated correctly and not hanging halfway out of the outlet. This will can cause sparks which can ignite and smolder.

Step 2: Empty Sink of Water

To see what you are doing, and to be safe, you must first drain the water out of the sink. Many people will have a lot of food left over after washing dishes, pots, and pans. This can be taken care of with the batch feed garbage disposal, but the water must not be in the sink at the time. Lift the stopper out of the drain and let the water run out.

Step 3: Retrieve Key for Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

Instead of a switch on the wall, there is a key that turns the batch feed disposal unit on. It should be kept in a place where children do not have access to it. This key is simply a rod that you place in the drain and twist to turn on the disposal unit. Retrieve the key and position it above the drain.

Step 4: Activate Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

Set the key into the drain and seat it in the disposal. It should be on the side of the drain where the activation switch is. Hold the key straight up and give it a twist. This will turn on the blades that will mulch up the food. If there is any food in the disposal already you will hear it start to grind. Remove the key from the disposal.

Step 5: Feed Food Carefully

To dispose of leftover food you must feed it through the batch feed garbage disposal a little at a time. Press the food into the drain and wait for the blades to stop "chewing". Once you hear a change in the noise you can feed more food into the drain. Break up larger items into small chunks for easier use.

Step 6: Disengage Disposal

When you are done using the batch feed garbage disposal use the key to turn off the teeth. Set it into the disposal again and twist in the opposite direction. Remove the key and place it in a safe place.