How to Use a Beam-Type Torque Wrench

What You'll Need
Beam-type torque wrench
Socket attachments
Your wrench's owner's manual

A beam-type torque wrench can be a very useful tool for performing automotive maintenance and repairs. If you've ever been curious about how to use this unique tool, read on to learn the basics.

Step 1 - Prep Your Wrench

Before using your beam-type torque wrench to tighten or loosen any bolts, make sure to attach a socket whose size conforms to that of the bolt you will be adjusting. Next, consult the tool's owner's manual to determine the recommended amount of circular force, or "torque," for the type of bolt you will be adjusting, then input the proper torque measurements into the wrench's scale. Keep in mind that applying too much torque is liable to damage the bolt.

Step 2 - Apply Circular Force

Having prepped your torque wrench, carefully attach the socket to the bolt you wish to tighten or loosen. If you wish to tighten the bolt, proceed to turn the wrench's handle in a clockwise fashion. If you wish to loosen or detach the bolt, turn the wrench's handle in a counterclockwise fashion. Once the inputted amount of torque has been applied, there is a release mechanism in the wrench's handle that will stop any additional force from being put forth. It will feel as though your torque wrench has become detached from the bolt when this mechanism performs its duty.