How to Use a Block Plane on a Replacement Door How to Use a Block Plane on a Replacement Door

What You'll Need
Replacement door
Block plane

A replacement door can be trimmed down to size with the use of a block plane. Usually it is when you have to replace an old door where the tool comes in handy but you can also use it when the door gets stuck because of the alterations in the size of the door frame and the door itself brought by weather changes.

Step 1 – Positioning the Replacement Door

Get the door flat on the ground or in a position that will allow you to work comfortably.

Step 2 – Holding the Block Plane

Most woodworkers hold the block plane in 1 hand. The palm is held over the back part of the cap iron while the forefinger is held on the front section of the tool. If you find it uncomfortable though, you may place your dominant hand on the back part of the tool while your off hand should be positioned on the front of the block plane.

Step 3 – Using the Block Plane

To use the tool, push forward on it and across the wood edge. Keep the base of the block plane continuously on the path. Avoid arching by adding more pressure on the plane heel when you begin to make a cut. When you come at the end of the cut, add more pressure on the nose. This will aid in making the cut level along the whole path.

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