How to Use a Box Scraper

What You'll Need
Box Scraper
Tractor with a three-point hitch

A box scraper is a tractor attachment ideally used for leveling uneven mounds on various construction grounds such as a baseball field, an indoor arena or a building construction ground. A box scraper is also an ideal tool for gardening and landscaping projects. Shaped like a box, a box scraper comes with ripper teeth for tearing up the ground and a front blade for smoothing the ground.

A box scraper can also be used to grade a path or a road with gravel or dirt. This is done by filling up the box scraper with the filler material and lowering it a few inches off the ground. As the box scraper is pulled by the tractor, the filler material evenly spreads into the ground to form the path. By raising or lowering the box scraper you can control the amount of material distributed on the ground.

Below are the materials that you will need along with the instructions on how to use the box scraper.

Step 1-Attach the Box Scraper into the Tractor

Attach the box scraper onto the tractor through its three-point hitch and then connect the hydraulic lines. The three-point hitch is a triangular-shaped attachment consisting of a hydraulic line, stabilizers, lifting arms and attaching points. It is located at the back of the tractor. A box scraper is equipped with a quick-lock mechanism for easy mounting. All you have to do is line up the box scraper mount to the three-point hitch and pull the connectors back. Lock the box scraper and three-point hitch connectors together by pushing them back.

Step 2-Familiarize yourself with the Box Scraper

With the box scraper attached to the three-point hitch of your tractor, familiarize yourself on how to control the box scraper. Practice lowering and raising the ripping teeth as well as the front blade. Learn how to angle the blade for aggressive scraping by adjusting the pitch of the front blade. Finally, learn how to position the blades straight up and straight down for smoothing.

Step 3-Practice with the Ripper Teeth

An uneven patch of ground is ideal for practicing with the ripper teeth of the box scraper. Level the uneven patch of ground by lowering the ripper teeth to dig up the soil without setting the blades too deep into the ground so as not to rip the level ground. Slowly drag the box scraper with your tractor to level the uneven mounds. Practice working with different ripper teeth angles. You may need to make more than one pass with your box scraper to level the uneven mound with the ground.

Step 4-Practice with the Front Blade

The front blade of the box scraper is ideal for smoothing the ground. Practice smoothing the ground that you tore up using the ripper teeth in step three. With the ripper teeth of the box scraper raised high, make a pass with your box scraper onto the ground that you want to smoothen using the front blade of the box scraper.