How to Use a Broadcast Spreader How to Use a Broadcast Spreader

What You'll Need
Broadcast spreader
Lawn mower or other tool

If you want to fertilize your lawn quickly and easily, then you might be interested in the functioning of the broadcast spreader. These types of spreader are designed to be used with a lawn mower or other power tool which can be driven, with the spreader pushing the fertilizer onto the lawn from behind. This means that you avoid contact with most of the fertilizer, so you can use larger amounts without risking your health. If you have a broadcast spreader for your lawn mower, but are unsure how to use it, then you should consider following a few basic steps which will help you to organize your system more efficiently.

Step 1 - Choosing the Broadcast Spreader

Before you proceed, you will need to ensure that you pick the right type of broadcast spreader to suit your lawn. If you have a very small lawn, for example, then you will not need a broadcast spreader which is powerful enough to fertilize a large area of land. Choose one which is smaller and more suited to your own lawn. In addition, the options for choosing your broadcast spreader are affected by the type of machine which you have to support the spreader, in which case you may find that certain spreaders are not suitable for use by you.

Step 2 - Calibrate the Spreader

You will need to ensure that you can calibrate the spreader in order to ensure that it can fit your lawn. The broadcast spreader can be calibrated by following instructions on the information leaflet which comes with your system, and you should also consider that you need to place the fertilizer distributor in the correct location for the lawn.

Step 3 - Begin the Spreader

Once you have installed the spreader then you can begin to start fertilizing the lawn. Begin by running up and down the lawn with the spreader functioning at its lowest level. This will allow you to ensure that you get a very even distribution, even to the very corners of the garden. Move back and forward over the edge of the ground space of your run. You should also allow the movement of your broadcast spreader to overlap so that all patches of the garden are covered. Allowing the spreader to go over all of the ground twice will assist you in giving your garden an even coat.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up

When you have finished fertilizing the ground, you will need to clean out the spreader in order to get rid of any other substances which are holding onto the ground. You can do this by wiping down the inside of the broadcast spreader with a damp sponge, or even by rinsing out the non-electrical parts with a hose. You may also want to consider running a little bit of grease over all of the spreading parts.

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