How to Use a Car Touch up Paint Pen

What You'll Need
Paint pen
Scrap cardboard
Primer pen
Wire brush
Car cleaning solution

In the normal course of using a car, you may find that you occasionally need to use a car touch up paint pen to rectify any scratches or discoloration. By knowing how to use the item properly, you can ensure good results every time.

Step 1 – Inspection

There may be several locations on the car that require the use of a car touch up paint pen so it will be prudent to begin by examining the entire car. You may find that there are some scratches present that you may not have noticed before. This will also give you the opportunity to determine the depth of the scratches, which will be necessary to determine the extent of repair required. Be sure that you are aware of all of them so that you can rectify it all during the car paint touch up at the same time.

Step 2 – Prepare Surface

It will be necessary to prepare the surface by cleaning it first to remove any particles on the surface that could interfere with the car touch up paint application. Use a regular car cleaning solution that has been diluted in a bucket of water. Ensure that you dry the surface after cleaning it. If there are any defects that are serious enough to show signs of rust, use a wire brush to clean it away before proceeding.

Step 3 – Apply Primer

If the scratches that require repair are deep enough to enable you to see the color beneath the paint, it will require the application of some primer first. This will also be available in the form of a paint pen. Shake the pen thoroughly and get the flow of liquid moving by pressing the nib to the scrap piece of cardboard before using it on the car.

Apply the primer to the defect on the car’s surface as evenly as you are able without depressing the nib. Leave it to dry in accordance with the instructions or for at least 20 minutes. After it has dried, use a piece of fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface where the primer has been applied. Wipe away any resultant dust with a soft clean cloth. Follow the same process to build up as many layers as necessary to ensure the surface is smooth. Wipe any primer that remains on the nib before firmly replacing the lid.

Step 4 – Apply Paint

Test the car touch up paint pen in the same way that you did for the primer. Shake the pen and make sure that paint is flowing properly before using it on the car. Apply the paint evenly and avoid drip marks by not leaving it in one place for too long and not depressing the nib against the car’s surface. Let each coat of the car touch up paint dry before applying another, until it is at the same level as the surrounding paint. Once complete, let it dry overnight before sealing the surface with an appropriate wax or clear coat.