How to Use a Car Wax Buffer

buffing and polishing a car

A car wax buffer is a tool that is used to wax a car so that it looks brand new, like you just drove it off the lot. This type of a buffing machine will create wonderful professional appearance. By using it yourself, you will save a ton of money. In addition to providing such a great look, the buffer will help to protect your car's paint and finish. Here are a few things that you need to do to use a car wax buffer.

Wash Your Car

First, as with anything, you need to make sure the surface is prepared. Give your car a thorough wash. If you have previously waxed your car, you will want to remove any remaining residue. Therefore you are best to purchase a soap that has a wax remover built into the formula. Purchase a product that is made specifically for cars. Rinse your car.

Rather than go to a professional car wash, wash the car yourself. Some car washes use a conditioner that will make it hard for you to use the car wax buffer.

Apply the Car Wax

First, rub a little car wax onto the car. Use a sponge to lightly moisten it. Dip it in a little of the wax. Using a circular motion, apply the wax to the exterior surface of your car.

Next, apply the applicator to the buffer pad. Begin to use the buffer to spread the wax onto the surface of your automobile. Guide the buffer with your hands. Your buffer will do all the work.