How to Use a Carpet Edging Tool

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Tack strip
Knee kicker
Carpet edging tool

Refurnishing floors using carpets may require carpet edging tools and will have its challenges. Particularly when the subject is the finishing, the point at which tile and carpet meets. It is actually not that difficult to accomplish. Following the instructions below will help in completing the task, provided of course you have the appropriate tools for the job.

Step 1 – Understanding the Method

Before making use of carpet edging tools, you should understand how it fully functions with other tools in completing the task finishing carpet edges. There is a line that you have to quantify and its distance from tiles’ edge is a 1/4 inch. This procedure is in preparation for the inner edge, the installation of the strips.

Step 2 – Preparations before Using the Edging Tool   

Set the tack of strips up on the platform or floor. Complement the edges’ interior to counter the marking that measure a 1/4 inch away from a tiles’ edge. Be certain that tacks upon the strips slant directly upon the tiles. Hammer the strips of tack on the designated spot. Be careful and avoid hitting the tiles. Extend the carpets’ edges on the strips of tack. Press the carpets’ edges down using the kicker after it is extended 1/2 inch over the edges on the side of tiles on the strips of tack.

Step 3 – Cutting the Excess Portion of the Carpet Using the Edging Tool

Using the carpet edging tool, slice the carpets’ leftover piece onto the space amid the tiles and tack strips measuring a 1/4 inch.