How to Use a Carpet Seam Iron

Creating a good carpet seam is all about the technique that you use. One of the tools that you will have to use when seaming carpet together is a carpet seam iron. Here are the basics of how to use a carpet seam iron.

Prepare the Seam

Before you can actually use the carpet seam iron, you need to make sure that the seam is ready. Overlap two pieces of carpet by a few inches. Then use a straight edge and a utility knife to cut down through both pieces of carpet at the same time. This will give you a perfectly matched cut for both pieces of carpet. While you are doing this, plug in your seam iron and let it warm up. Make sure that your cord is long enough to reach the entire seam.

Iron the Seam

Under the edges of the carpet, place a strip of carpet seam tape. Make sure that the seam iron is on the designated temperature that you need and then press it directly onto the seam tape. Go from one end of the seam to the other. While you heat up the tape, press the two edges of the carpet down into it and up against one another.