How To Use A Chain Wrench

A chain wrench is used to hold or turn a smooth circular object. Easy to use, these wrenches are a heavy duty tool that is very handy on many projects.


How to Use a Chain Wrench

To use a chain wrench, place the end of the wrench with the teeth on it against the object you want to tighten, loosen or hold. Affix the wrench so that the side with the chain attached to it is opposite the direction to want to turn the object. Hold the chain wrench handle with one hand while using the other hand to wrap the chain around the object.


Affix the whip end of the chain that you wrapped around the object to the wrench’s main handle. Most wrenches have small pins that stick out from the side of the chain and all you have to do is slide the chain into a notch on the wrench handle.


Once the chain is attached, ratchet the wrench handle to move the object in whichever direction you need. As a note, chain wrenches are known to destroy wood finishes, as well as mark metal or plastic objects. If you are working on something with a finish that you are concerned about, you will want to use a strap wrench instead of a chain wrench.