How to Use a Chop Saw to Cut Metal How to Use a Chop Saw to Cut Metal

What You'll Need
Chop saw for metal cutting
Metal item
Goggle/face shield
Long-sleeved shirt
Dust Pan

You will find that using a chop saw may be tough and since they come in 2 types. One is for metal and the other is for wood, yet they both can be modified to work with the other. But they still are tough to use, and knowing how to use them is important before you actually use it. So here is a quick article on how to use the chop saw.


Keep the saw when in use and off, away from pets and children. Always stay way from any moisture when it is in use and always wear any protective gear to keep you safe from any dangers that it can pose.

Step 1 - Preparation

Clear out a flat surface on a table or counter and keep all animals and kids out of the room. Place a broom and dustpan in the room, so you can do a quick sweeping for when you are done. Also, take this time out to get dressed in proper protective gear before you get started on this part of the job. You may also want to give a fair warning to anyone around the area about the sound and to stay out of the room.

Step 2 - Begin

Open up the saw and place the item underneath it. Adjust to however many degrees that you will need it to be to do the job properly. You might end up having to readjust the blade every so often, but in the time try to adjust it slowly so you get it precisely done. You may also have to move the item around that you will be cutting. Like switching sides or realigning it so that it lays straight on the table or counter.

Step 3 - Use the Saw

You can next start placing the saw on the item and begin to move along slowly and straightly. Keep doing this until all the cutting on the side is done. Then repeat Step 2 and come back down to this step after you repeat the above step. Do not let the saw slip out of your grip if you can help it. Also, do not apply more pressure than needed to cut it successfully. Move and glide it slowly over the desired area that needs to be cut.

Step 4 - Finish Up

Finish up cutting the metal and remove the saw off the item once you have turned it off. Remove the item next and unplug the saw. Then you can sweep the floor and clean everything around the area. Make sure that you have cleaned from any little pieces of sharp metal from the floor before you allow anyone else to enter the room. Then put up the saw away in a secured area.


These instructions can be adjusted for chop saws that cut wood and other saws. These tips can also work for any power cutting tool or in general saws. Make sure that you follow any and all safety precautions that their manufacturers issue, as well as the ones listed here.

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