How to Use a Cultivator Tiller

What You'll Need
Ear plugs
Safety goggles
Cultivator tiller

A cultivator tiller is a gas-powered gardening tool used to till or cultivate land. The device works by pulverizing chunks of soil to produce a well-tilled soil perfect for gardening applications. It can also be used to remove those unsightly and unwanted weeds growing in the garden. When working with tools like these, it is also important to take note of safety precautions. Here’s how to safely use cultivator tiller.

Step 1 – Preparation

Before working with the device, make sure to wear safety equipment and appropriate clothing. Use gloves to minimize the vibration produced by the device’s engine. Wear protective eye goggles to protect the eye from debris thrown by the machine. Use boots to protect the feet from dangerous pointed objects that may be found in the garden. Finally, wear ear plugs to cover the ears from the sound emitted by the engine.

Step 2 – Inspect the Device

Check if all fittings and connections on the device are tight. If there are screws that are loose, tighten them to avoid any damage to the device while tilling, cultivating. Check if it has sufficient fuel before starting the engine. Do not smoke when refueling.

Step 3 – Start the Engine

Turn on the engine by switching the start button and choking it. Locate the primer bulb and press it a number of times. Slowly pull the grip to until a resistance is felt. Push back the choke lever to allow the engine to continue running.

Step 4 – Till the Soil

If the engine is already turned on, allow it to tip toe to the location of the land to be tilled. Better yet, start the engine only at the location of the land to be tilled. Always hold the device using both hands. Make sure that there are no impediments or things that may get in the way or cause you to loose footing.

Once the device is in position, pull the throttle lever to allow it to work its way into the soil. Allow it to pulverize the soil as desired. Control its movement using the two handles for better grip. Work the tiller on the whole area of land and switch it off after use. Be sure to know where the turn-off button is before starting the tilling process.

Step 5 – Cultivate and Weed

The cultivator tiller also comes with a feature that allows owners to cultivate land or remove weeds. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual and check how to shift the machine to cultivate mode. Shift the machine to cultivate mode and turn on the engine. Guide the machine to where the cultivating or weeding is needed. Remember to hold the handles firmly with both hands while cultivating or weeding. Shut down the engine when done.

Step 6 – Clean the Machine after Use

Don’t leave the machine dirty after use. Clean any soil, dirt or debris on the machine before storing.