How to Use a Demolition Hammer

What You'll Need
Demolition hammer
Heavy gloves
Eye protection
Dust mask
Work boots

A demolition hammer is a powerful tool meant to break down large walls made of concrete. There are a variety of sizes and styles that you can purchase. A demolition hammer is not just meant to use on walls but can be used on any material that is thick, bulky and solid. A demolition hammer uses a bit that pounds the surface, which breaks it into pieces. Improper use of a demolition hammer can cause serious damage to property as well as yourself. Follow the steps below to properly use a demolition hammer.

Step 1 - Safety

Using a demolition hammer is a potentially dangerous endeavor. Most of these tools are very heavy, which makes them difficult to maneuver. Never use it close to other people, and if anyone else is in the work site area, then he should be protected by a hardhat, protective glasses and a dust mask, which you should also be wearing. In addition, you should also wear heavy work boots and gloves. The power of the demolition hammer can easily cause you to lose your grip. The gloves will help maintain the grip but, if you drop it, the boots will protect your feet. The glasses, hardhat and dust mask all help to protect you against the debris.

Step 2 - Firm Pressure

As you operate the demolition hammer, you need to keep a tight grip on it at the same time you are pressing it firmly into the area you are demolishing. If you use light pressure, the demolition hammer can easily slip and cause a serious problem.

Step 3 - Tip Orientation

Placing the tip of the demolition hammer is directly connected to how effective it will be. You should never use the demolition hammer when it is pointed toward yourself. You also never want to have the tip pointed straight down or into the surface you are trying to remove. This will cause the hammer to continuously strike the same spot, which will only create a hole in that one spot. The trick is to use the demolition hammer so that the bit is at angle and pointing down. This allows the tip to chip into the material and not through the material.

Step 4 - Where to Begin

Where you start the job is important to the effectiveness of the demolition hammer. When working on the floor, you should begin at an edge. Starting in the center or a corner will cause issues later on as debris builds up. If you can work from inside to out, that is better as the debris will be closer to where it needs to be and can be easily removed.

When working on a wall, you should start as close to the center of it as possible and chisel downward. The weight from the load at the top will cause the concrete to fall on its own.