How to Use a Die Stock on Pipes

What You'll Need
Die stock
Working table
Working gloves
Protective eyeglasses

Using a die stock on pipes can help you create uniform threads on your pipes. A typical die stock uses a frame to help keep your cutting tools properly aligned so you get evenly spaced threads. Most types of die stocks uses 2 types of cutting tools namely the round head and hex head dies so whether you want to work on screws and bolts or on pipes, you can easily get the job done according to specifications. To use a die stock on pipes to create uniform threads, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – Clamp the Pipe on the Working Table

To prevent the pipe from moving while you create the threads, clamp the pipe on the side of the working table.

Step 2 – Insert the Pipe into the Hole of the Die Stock

Insert the end of the pipe into the hole of the die stock and lock it is place.

Step 3 – Turn the Die Stock to Create the Threads

Grasp the opposite ends of the die stock then slowly turn the die stock clockwise. The die stock has razor sharp blades that will cut into the pipe as you turn.