How to Use a Drill Press Like an Arbor Press

What You'll Need
Drill press
Item to be drilled
Floor mounting

The drill press is a device which helps the user to push a hole into a material. The drill press is not as heavy and powerful as the arbor press, so if you want to use the former like the latter, then you will need to be very careful how you apply yourself. The drill press is not designed to handle as much weight and pressure as the arbor, so unless you handle the drill correctly you will be likely to damage the press. Using the drill press like an arbor press needs to be done very carefully in order to prevent this kind of damage.

Step 1 - Making the Drill into an Arbor

Before you proceed to turn the drill into an arbor press, you will need to check out the method by which your drill presses down upon the drilled item. The best type of drill to use as an arbor is the floor-mounted press, as this is more stable than either the bench mount or free-standing drill press. You will also need to note how much leverage the drill press needs when you are making a hole in an item, as this will give you an idea of how much pressure you have available. Once you are sure that your drill press itself is stable, you will need to build some supports around the edge in order to give your press greater strength.

Step 2 - Making the Supports

The best method of supporting your press is to use pieces of iron piping. You can build your supports using a simple screwdriver and screw, or a drill. Make sure that your supports are connected to a solid floor, and then screw them to the sides of the drill press. The supports should hold the weight of the press, so you will need at least 3 pieces of iron, which will be fitted into a triangular shape, with the 2 highest points touching the top of the press and being screwed all the way down the sides of the press, and the third, shorter piece, fitting in horizontally against those two, and being screwed flat against the press.

Step 3 - Testing Out the Press

Your drill press should now have enough support to drill a hole into something which needs an arbor press. Try this out using the lightest piece of metal that you have to drill. Insert it into the lower frame of your press, so that it is held upright. You should then take your compression handle, and raise it as high as possible, before pressing down firmly upon the metal. You may need to use both hands to force the handle down as far as it can go. When you have done this, remove the metal from your holding frame, and examine the hole. You should also check that the press itself has not been damaged before continuing to make holes.