How to Use a Drill Stand

Using a drill stand is the best way to drill with accuracy. It is important that your drill stand is sturdily attached to a table with either screws or vice grips and that the height of the work table is a good level, as you will have to apply pressure to the arm of the drill stand.


Preparing Your Drill Stand

Once your stand is sturdily attached, insert the electric drill into the harness at the top of the column and tighten the clamps to hold the drill in place. Try applying pressure to the arm of the drill stand to assess the movement of your drill.


Using Your Drill Stand

When you feel comfortable, gather the materials you want to drill. Most drill stands are meant to be used with steel and wood. Place your drill bit in the mouth of the drill and tighten it. Tilt the drill to the angled measurement you are trying to make and double check the security of the drill in its holster.


Press the arm of the drill press down using a firm pressure. You will need to repeat this 3 to 4 times to drill a smooth hole. It is just that easy to begin using your drill stand. Make sure that you measure accurately the first time and enjoy the new ease you have in drilling with a drill stand.