How to Use a Faucet Wrench

What You'll Need
A basin or faucet wrench
Faucet handles
Spray lubricant

A basin wrench, also known as a faucet wrench, serves the same function as a regular wrench but is designed to be used in places that a normal wrench could not be able to reach or areas with low visibility for sink repair. Usually these areas are always tight and pliers would not be able to access this. The only purpose of faucet wrench is to replace the nuts that hold a faucet in place.

Step 1 - Make Sure the Water Is Turned Off

Turn off the water.  Remove anything that obstructs your line of sight.

Step 2 – Position Yourself

Get yourself correctly positioned near the sink.  The black ‘wrench’ part of the tool swivels on the silver bar to any angle you may need.

Step 3 - Grasp the Tool Where the Two Black Jaw Pieces Meet.

This intersection can be found on the silver button.  Work it back & forth.  Sometimes, the tool is very tight and a shot of spray lubricant will help loosen it.

Step 4 – Use the Wrench

Once you get the proper angle (usually perpendicular to the silver bar), the wrench works like any other wrench—the nut goes between the jaws—then you use the crossbar to turn the tool & loosen or tighten the nut.